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Azido Technology is a unique brand in the world of Information Technology.

We provide bespoke business solutions in  E-commerce, Websites, Mobile Apps, Software and Digital Services.


Azido Technology is a company providing services in e-commerce, Software applications, Website Development,  Mobile Applications, Domain registration, Website Hosting, Content management system, and other bespoke products.

We are working to develop a range of web-based software applications. We have helped many clients in creating bespoke solutions such as unique websites, tailored software applications and other services.

We Deliver Quality Products
We Provide Friendly Customer Services
We Aim To Advance Modern Technology Trends

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Azido technology is a company providing digital services.

Azido Advances Technology Trends

Providing Contemporary Solutions To Resolve Client Problems
Expert Team
Digital Services
Guaranteed Results​
Bespoke Solutions

Technology For Today’s Lifestyle

We Aim To Meet All Your Technological Needs
E-commerce Application

A premium online store with all the tools you need.

Software Application

A programme especially designed for you to carry your tasks.

Mobile Application

Application designed to run on a mobile device to perform your specified tasks.

Website Hosting

Creating & Hosting Websites for Businesses, Professionals & Organisations.

Domain Registration

You can register your domain with us at a reasonable price.

Website & Web Application

Obtain Website and Web applications fully customized to your needs.

Content Management

We offer content management systems and services.

Online Services

This includes all types of eservices and web based technologies.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Creating Technological Products for Contemporary Business Solutions
"I have a small hotel business. I have used different services from a number of companies, but working with Azido Technology was a great pleasure for me. they worked extra ordinary. Delivered best services in time."
Dave Palmer
"Getting services from Azido technology was very helpful to grow your business. I bought Website development Services from them and I'm very satisfied with their delivery that now I have signed up for additional services too."
Randy Tran
"I wanted my mobile application urgently. Then i found out about azido technology and now I have my working mobile application with 24 hours support. best company providing services"
Amy Turner
" Creating content was always a major problem for me like others. But now i have best content creators working instead of me. Now i can focus on my work instead of creating content and my sales is growing"
Endang Everdeen
"Sometimes you need different online services and you wander in the search of these services but now i just visit azido technology page and get authentic, real and working solutions to my all problems."
Abdul Khan

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